Best Practices for IT Procurement

PITS is working on a note with a short set of best practices (and bad practices) containing examples from several countries: Canada: Quebec, province and city in Canada France Italy: Region of Piedmont UK In the Canadian case there is actually case law with a Supreme court decision on procurement, including a set of impact […]

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Challenges for Procurement, IT and Standards

The specific challenges for Procurement, IT and Standards include: Gaps in guidance Gaps in practices Gaps in existing policy and legislation Understanding the impact of ongoing policy or legislative developments PITS will try to progress on the following: IT standards legislation Guidance and understanding of Commission’s Decision on IT Standards (CD 97/95) is essential. ┬áPITS […]

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New IT Procurement Initiative Launched

The Digital Agenda Stakeholder Community on Procurement, IT & Standards (PITS) just launched its public website, with guidance and resources on how to improve IT procurement through making the best use of open standards. PITS spokesperson, Trond Arne Undheim, said: “With the PITS community, we aim to bring together knowledge from a variety of stakeholders […]

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