Challenges for Procurement, IT and Standards

The specific challenges for Procurement, IT and Standards include:
  • Gaps in guidance
  • Gaps in practices
  • Gaps in existing policy and legislation
  • Understanding the impact of ongoing policy or legislative developments

PITS will try to progress on the following:

IT standards legislation

Guidance and understanding of Commission’s Decision on IT Standards (CD 97/95) is essential.  PITS wll aim to assess cases where exceptions are applicable (such as for interoperability, innovation, or when existing standards are judged as technically inadequate), and will provide technical guidance.  For example, we so far do not know of any tender that has been annulled for referencing an OASIS, W3C or IEEE standard, despite the fact that they are not necessarily allowed to be referenced unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Also, there is little or no EU-level case law, apart from the Intel case (which was not in software). Also, it is a bit unclear how these exception should work.

Interoperable e-procurement

Guidance on e-procurement practices and the need for interoperable e-procurement tools is also important.  We know of cases where tenderers have to submit bids using platform that are non-interoperable.  Regarding this topic, we will also refer to the ePractice e-procurement community.

Public procurement legislation

Ensure compliance with current legal framework on public procurement and on ongoing modernisation initiatives.

Emerging IT standards legislation

Ensure compliance with ongoing modernisation initiatives.


About trondau

Trond A. Undheim (39), Ph.D., a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, and Managing Director of Tautec Consulting, has over fifteen years of multi sector experience in strategy, policy, communications, academia, and entrepreneurship. Formerly, he was a Director of Standards Strategy and Policy at Oracle Corporation, with wide responsibilities in long-term business development, strategy, public policy and standardization globally and in Europe. Trond is an executive, speaker, entrepreneur, author, traveler and blogger. With a doctorate on knowledge work and the internet in Silicon Valley, he is one of the world’s leading experts on technology and society. He has worked at Oracle Corporation, the European Commission, the Norwegian Government, and founded a start-up. He was awarded an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from NTNU, Norway’s top engineering university, as the youngest candidate at the Faculty. He is multilingual and has lived on three continents. He is always ready for strategic opportunities providing significant intellectual and managerial challenges.

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